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History Highlights

Associational Missionary Rev. L. Grady Burgess took inventory on March 22 and found 42 Baptists, 9 teachers, one Training Union Director and two Deacons, and set the date for the church organization. Calvary Baptist Church was organized on May 24th at 3:27 p.m. Belmont was dropped from the name at that time. Thirty-six charter members were entered into the books of the new church and the charter remained open for 60 days. Rev. Otis W. Brady was called to be the church's first pastor on June 17. The first baptismal service was held at Rosemary Baptist Church on July 26. Property was purchased at the corner of Bolling Road and Ashton Street for $300.00 per lot from First Baptist Church. Calvary declined to receive the lots free due to stipulations to be placed on the deed that the lots and all property be returned to First Baptist Church if Calvary Baptist ceased to be a church or vacated the property.

Approved plans for church building. Sign for future home of Calvary Baptist Church was placed on property. First Vacation Bible School was held.

First youth week was observed. Contract for church building was let to Rufus Hux by church vote. Pledges for blocks and bricks were received.

Built present educational building on property and began services in the church. Began GA program and had two active WMS circles. Held first revival service.

Paid off balance of building loan. Began third circle for young women.

Organized Brotherhood. Purchased lots behind church building.

Upstairs of church building completed. Church council formed.

Fourth WMS Circle, E. W. Gloss, was established.

Laymen's Revival and Baptist Men's Day approved. Business meeting changed from Sunday to Wednesday evenings.

Voted to donate 30 pieces of silver on Easter Sunday to support God's work.

Tiles laid in downstairs area at a cost of $614.00 which was raised by the WMS.

Present constitution studied by deacons and vote taken to delete constitution and by-laws and draw up a new constitution.

Secured architect for building program and plans were approved. Church adopted Constitution. Adopted a Security Church Building Bond program for financing its auditorium and educational building project.

Approved contractor for approximate $86,500.00 sanctuary.

Construction on sanctuary with a seating capacity of 400 completed. First service in new sanctuary was May 31.

Purchased 1961 activity bus and bus committee organized.

Some members left Calvary to establish Trinity Baptist Church.

Used old sanctuary on Sunday and Wednesday evenings due to energy crisis.

Had 26 charter members present for 21st homecoming.

Disposed of activity bus.

Treasurers report has a zero balance in August. Could not send money to Cooperative Program.

Finances looking better and started paint fund. Sent money to Cooperative Program.

Training Union discontinued. Had zero balance on budget in June.

Designated $50.00 per month to Cooperative Program.

Finances were very tight and used old sanctuary to save money.

Youth went to Camp Caswell with funds raised by cleaning church and participating in Slave for a Day projects. Finances much better. New programs beginning.

Reactivated deacon family plan and reorganized Brotherhood.

Last payment was made on sanctuary in April and the church celebrated by burning the note on May 27.

Addition of kitchen built on fellowship hall which was formerly the sanctuary. First evening Vacation Bible School held. Began RA and GA programs.

Began a $500.00 benevolent fund. Mission Friends and Acteens started.

Purchased strip of land adjacent to church for future expansion.

Purchased Baby Grand Piano for sanctuary. Began Belize Mission Fund.

Team went to Belize on first foreign mission trip.

Property note completely paid off. Sanctuary pews upholstered. Commissioned Warren and Hyacinth Braswell to serve as Volunteer Missions for the Home Mission Board.

Replaced roof on sanctuary. Hired part time secretary. Children's Church began.

Groundbreaking for new fellowship hall on August 23 at 2:00 p.m.

"To the Glory of God", the Mary Ellen White Fellowship Hall was completed and the parking lot was paved.

Paid off parking lot paving debt. Church received first computer.

Purchased organ for sanctuary. Celebrated 150th Anniversary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Established Christian Education Fund. Fishers of Men and Women started. Built concrete handicap ramp at front entrance of sanctuary. Church incorporated as Calvary Baptist Church of Roanoke Rapids, Inc. Purchased house and property at 1311 Bolling Road.

Started a van fund. Used van accepted as gift and church purchased a new van. Began hearing impaired ministry. First Priority funded by Calvary, North Carolina Baptist State Convention and North American Mission Board. Van Welton, home missionary, served as Youth Minister at Calvary and organized First Priority in the local school systems.

Team Kid replaced GAs and RAs. Purchased third van. Burned retired debt note at Thanksgiving Dinner. Church debt free. Youth participated in first World Changers trip to Charleston, West Virginia.

Youth went to Anniston, Alabama on second World Changers mission trip.

Renovated preschool department. Replaced carpet in sanctuary. Secretary is full time. Constitution committee elected to revise constitution. Purchased 26 seat bus. Youth participated in third World Changers project in Philadelphia.

Celebrated 50th Anniversary. Youth participated in World Changers in Norfolk, Virginia.

Purchased property adjacent to church located at 1315 Bolling Road. Replaced roof and sound system in October.

Calvary's Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief team went to Gulfport, MS with NC Baptist Men. Replaced windows in church and covered all outside trim with vinyl siding in July. Youth participated in World Changers in Savannah, Georgia.

Adopted Constitution April 26, 2006. Hired Minister of Music Rev. Casey Short on July 6. Calvary's Mission Team went with NC Baptist Men's Rebuild Team to Gulfport, MS. Installed steeple on sanctuary April 11. Youth participated in World Changers in Murphy, NC.

Remodeled and expanded kitchen in the Mary Ellen White Fellowship Hall. Youth participated in World Changers in Roanoke, Virginia. Disaster Relief Team went to Baytown, Texas following hurricane Ike.

Purchased additional property located at 1305 Bolling Road for future expansion. Youth participated in World Changers in Buffalo, New York. Baptist men from churches in our community joined together with other volunteers to build and replace a home lost in fire at 902 Vance Street.

Calvary's Baptist Men joining with Baptist men from other churches to remodel a home for a family in the community. Youth participated in Chattanooga, Tennessee World Changers mission project. On April 29, the church voted to change Rev. Casey Short's title to Associate/Worship Pastor.

Called Rev. Justin Fender to serve as Youth Pastor effective January 1. Ordained William Matthews to the Gospel Ministry March 7. Patsy Smith and Tracy Dahlem participated in a medical mission trip to Quito, Ecuador. 40 teenagers and adults participated in World Changers in Portsmouth, Virginia. The church participated in Operation In As Much by preparing and serving a meal at Becker Manor. Ordained Bobby Harrell to the Gospel Ministry August 15. Outreach ministries (Financial Peace University, Faithfully Fit (women's exercise), Fearlessly Fit (men's exercise), motorcycle ministry, and Golfing for Christ) began.

Installed a security system in the church and built a sound booth in the sanctuary. Debt free by paying off the $150,000.00 1305 Bolling Road property loan in 28 months on February 16. Began men's leadership class and 2 Feed the Needy Outreach Ministry. Purchased an additional van to be used for out of town church trips. Began Awana children's ministry. Youth participated in World Changers in Pittsburg, PA. Hired Robert Matthews to serve as Worship Leader.

Secured loan of $58,000.00 to purchase a 26 passenger bus. Youth participated in a Deep Impact Mission trip to Wilmington, NC. Paid off bus loan and again the church was debt free. Completed first year of Awana.

Hired J. H. Batten, Inc. and Glover Consulting to begin plans and secure funds to build a Family Life Center. This building is to include some classrooms and the present fellowship hall will be converted into additional classrooms. Youth are preparing for a World Changers mission trip to Savannah, Georgia. Completed outstanding second year of Awana.

Continued with progress on Family Life Center with the blessings of the church as more than $500,000.00 were pledged through the building fund pledge campaign. Two home located at 1311 Bolling Road and 1315 Bolling Road, owned by the church, were removed from the church property to prepare the site of the future Family Life Center. Youth are preparing for a World Changers mission trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Completed outstanding third year of Awana.

Began construction on the Family Life Center with projected completion date to be in October 2015. Youth are preparing for a World Changers trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Completed fourth year of Awana. Began Men of Calvary Ministry. Calvary was 86th in the top 105 churches in North Carolina with 27 baptisms during the year, and was listed in the top 25 percentile of the Southern Baptist Convention with the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering gifts.


Rev. Otis Brady
Rev. Bernard Fallin
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Dr. John Mason
Rev. Randy Martin

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Dr. Ellis Hollan
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Rev. Billy Cashwell
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